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Our Services 

  • Vendor assessment and prequalification for project

  • Preparation of ITP/QAP

  • Shop and site inspection involving stage and final inspection

  • Witnessing performance tests, Hydro test, and Pre-shipment  inspection

  • Qualification of welding procedures and welders

  • Expediting 

  • ISO - Consultancy

  • NDT - Services​ 

  • Refractory Inspection 

BTCIS Caters to the following industries

  • Oil and gas, power generation, and distribution.

  • Water treatment and distribution.

  • Pipelines.

  • Refineries.

  • Chemicals and petrochemicals.

  • Fertilizers.

  • Pharmaceuticals.

  • Machinery.

  • Infrastructure.

  • Steel Plants

  • Environment – water treatment & pollution control

Power plant project equipment inspection in India
CEMENT Plant machinaries  equipment Inspection in Bhilai , raipur , nagpur , Nasik ,Ahmedabad, Pune
Steel plant  supply  chane management  Inspection  at supplier  location  across India
Chemical peoject  Inspection
Oil  and gas  refinary  project  Inspection of fabricated items  in India
Water Treatment Plant , Bagfilters, Esp  Equipment and fabrication Inspection at rourkela, bangalore,bhilai, raipur, nagpur , aurangabad,Mumbai
Raw Material Inspection

BTCIS Inspection services carry out duties ranging as follows:

  •  Raw material dimensional inspection

  • Visual inspection

  • NDT inspection Mill testing certificate review

  • Witnessing sample destructive testing 

Raw material inspection
Dimensional Inspection

 BTCIS Inspection services carry out duties ranging as  follows:

  •  Shop drawing reading

  •  Fitment & major dimensional inspection 

  •  Machining & Precise dimensional inspection

  •  Verifying the calibration of measuring instruments    

Dimensional inspection
Welding Inspection

BTCIS Inspection services carry out duties ranging as follows:

  • Weld visual inspection

  • Radiographic interpretation

  • Interpretation of drawing

  • Supervising NDT/PWHT procedures

NDT Inspection

BTCIS Inspection services carry out duties ranging as follows: witnessing for

  • Penetrant testing

  • Magnetic particle testing

  • Ultrasonic testing  

  • Radio-graphic film– Interpretation of films

NDT Inspection
Functional/ Hydro Testing  

BTCIS Inspection services carry out duties ranging as follows:

  • Functional – No Load run testing

  • Measurement of vibrations, speed, sound, and electrical characteristics

  • Hydro test witnessing  

  • Verifying –Calibration of measuring instruments.

Hydro testing
Painting Inspection 

BTCIS Inspection services carry out duties ranging as follows:

  • Provide assurance of the quality of the paint application.

  • Provide unbiased reports and Third-party paint inspection.

  • Verify that all surfaces are in suitable condition for painting. Report all surface defects to consultant/client at the prep. stage, intermediate coat & final finish.

  • Notify the consultant and client of any anomalies or irregularities in the specifications

Other duties can be carried out at clients request also

Painting inspection

BTCIS expediting services include:

  • Field and desk expediting

  • Raw material Procurement and Manufacturing Status

  • Milestone-Based Expediting for Long-Lead Items

  • Situation assessment for your overall project

  • Supplier performance monitoring

  • Reporting  and scheduling

  • Monitoring the dispatch of Materials

Project expediting
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